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Names and Titles

  • Refer to University Relations' publication, The University Name, for standards regarding the use of the University's name and acronym.
  • When "university" stands alone, it should be lowercase.
  • Always give the full name (or two initials with surname) of persons the first time they appear in an article. The office style is to avoid the use of the title "Dr." for Ph.D.s, except when specifically requested in departmental literature or by an individual.
  • After referring to an individual by full name, journalistic style indicates that the second reference should be to surname only. More formal style calls for repetition of a title with all subsequent references. It is also acceptable to refer to the subject by first name or nickname if the tone of the piece is more informal.
  • Refer to a woman by her full name, not by her husband's name, unless the individual requests it.
  • Do not qualify the title "professor" with "associate" or "assistant" before a person's name, but do qualify it after the name.

Examples: Professor Ann Brown; Ann Brown, associate professor of biology

  • Avoid using long titles before the names of people, such as Superintendent of Schools Thomas J. Williams. Use Supt. Thomas J. Williams, or Thomas J. Williams, superintendent of schools.
  • Maintain parallel structure when assigning professional titles, especially in lists. Avoid the following:
    Committee members:
    Dr. Smith
    J.J. Johnson
    Prof. Owens
    S. Williams, Ph.D.