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Numbers and Dates

  • Any number that begins a sentence should be spelled out.
  • Write out numbers nine and under.
  • Write phone numbers with the area code set off by hyphens.

Example: 800-555-4444 or 336-256-8324

  • Campus telephone numbers should be written as 334-5000 and 246-5000, not 4-5000 or 6-5000.
  • Numbers below 100 should be hyphenated when they consist of two words.
  • Hours of the day should be written as 7 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. Do not use 7:00 p.m. except in lists of events, etc., to preserve alignment of type.
  • Use hyphens to set off fractions if fractions are not available in a particular typeface.

Example: 8-1/2" x 11"

  • When writing any span of time that mixes 20th- and 21st-century dates, the full year must be given for both.

Example: 1998-2002, not 1998-02

  • When citing class designations, if classes from the 20th and 21st centuries are listed, the full year must be given for all classes mentioned.

Example: The Class of 2005 organized a fundraiser, with the help of the Class of 1995.

  • Do not attach the phrase "the year" to 2000 or beyond.

Example: The University celebrated its bicentennial in 2001.

Use numerals for:

  • Days of the month, omitting rd, th, st, nd
  • Dates, hours (used with a.m. or p.m.), ages, addresses and highway numbers, exact sums of money, exact measurements, page and other reference numbers, degrees, ratios, percentages, and course or program credit hours
  • Numbers within a series in order to maintain consistency if more than half of the numbers are 10 or over; otherwise spell out numbers within a series.

Example: 22 hours, 12 minutes, 6 seconds
Example: Twelve hats, five purses, five umbrellas, seven sweaters, and sixteen pairs of shoes were sold yesterday.

  • Sums which are cumbersome to spell out, but spell out the word "million."

Examples: 2-1/2; 1.4 million; 8 million