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Templates were created to provide consistent presentation for specific document types. The use of these templates:

  • helps readers understand the document and minimizes the peripheral work they do to bring meaning to what they are reading.
  • makes the process of publishing Web pages more efficient through standardization.

The header, left navigation section, right navigation sections, and the footer on each page are dynamically added when they are requested. These components are re-used throughout the Information Technology Services (ITS) site to minimize maintenance. Each template is listed below with a brief description of its purpose.

Home Page layout

This layout is reserved for the ITS home page only.

Three column layout (descriptive)

This layout is used with pages that have less information and more descriptive summaries, such as the Administrative Systems page.

Two column left layout (generic site navigation on left)

This layout is for ITS sub-unit pages, such as Records Management, and supported "service" Web pages, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Two column left layout (customized table of contents on left)

This layout is reserved for information-dense "supported services" Web pages, such as Streaming Media, which require a table of contents for easier navigation. All pages related to the supported service would be located within the same folder.

Two Column Right

This layout is reserved for news articles.

One column layout

This is the most basic layout. It is for help documentation or other pages that do not fit neatly into one of the other categories.

University Policy Manual layout

This is a special layout created for pages that are maintained by ITS, but are not part of the ITS Web site.