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Exception Process

Any purchases of Windows-based PCs not covered by our CHP program must be approved through a campus-specific exception process. For instructions, see the Non-Standard PC Configuration Justification Form, located under UNCGForms on the eMarketplace home page.

  • For State of NC appropriated funds, the campus must buy PCs only from the approved "Preferred Vendors" (Apple products can continue to be purchased separately).
  • The campus has the flexibility to select and procure from any of the vendors on the Preferred Vendor list but all are required to use a PC Marketplace website (electronic procurement, once implemented on campus with vendors) for procurement of PCs.
  • The campus must purchase from the inventory of UNC approved standard hardware configurations and options. There are allowances for purchasing hardware devices from any PC vendor that are non-standard but the following apply:
    • The campus may only use up to 20% of the total expenditure of state funds actually used for PC purchases (as there are several sources of State appropriated funds, we will track the actual purchases rather than the State appropriation).
    • This limit of 20% of funding for non-standard purchases will become more restrictive in the future as less will be allowed for non-standard. It is expected that each year campuses will allow fewer purchases of non-standard hardware configurations.
    • All non-standard purchases must be submitted to an approved "exception process" prior to the purchase order creation.