Information Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the pricing different between Dell and Lenovo?
    Becauseunlike Dell, the Lenovo online store available through UNCG’s eMarketplace does not include ITS-recommended “Keep Your Hard Drive” and “Accidental Damage Coverage” in their laptop pricing, their laptops show a reduced price. When purchasing, ITS recommends adding $118.00 to the price of the laptop in order to include these two items. In the same way, Lenovo desktop machines are reduced in their pricing by at least $20.00 because “Keep Your Hard Drive” is not standard. ITS recommends selecting “Keep Your Hard Drive” when purchasing.

    Note: “Keep your hard drive” is a selection that allows for defective hard drives to be replaced without sending the original hard disk back to manufacturer – this provides a measure of security for data that should not be exposed to unknown resources.  The accidental damage provision provides coverage for most damage that is not manufacturer defects, nor intentional misuse.  A detailed description of what is and is not covered can be found in the manufacturer’s online store available through UNCG’s eMarketplace.
  2. How do I place an order?
    You may shop for or purchase an approved computer with a Pcard or Purchase Order through eMarketplace. To compare models before purchasing, see: Computer Specifications.

    Note: Information about purchasing an Apple computer through either the University Apple Store or the Combined Pricing Initiative (with further Apple discounts) can be found at University Apple Store.
  3. Can general consumer grade computer equipment be purchased through CHP?
    The Campus-wide Hardware Procurement program provides only Business class or above computer equipment.
  4. What is the expected interval between placing an order and delivery?
    The committed order to delivery interval is 10 business days for Dell and Lenovo.
  5. Will the computers be shipped directly to my door, dept, etc?
    By design and default, the Campus-wide Hardware Procurement program will provide for all CHP orders to be shipped to Information Technology Services (ITS) for staging, inventory, and other functions as necessary.
  6. Are Microsoft Surface devices offered and supported?
    Information Technology Services (ITS) will begin offering limited support for the Microsoft Surface Pro for UNCG faculty and staff starting May 1, 2017.

    "Limited Support" means that ITS will install an image on a university-purchased Microsoft Surface Pro, troubleshoot software and application issues, and assist with sending device for hardware repair.

    Things to consider:
    • If the Surface requires repair, it will need to be taken or shipped to a repair center. If the internal HDD is not accessible due to failure, you may be required to send the device and the data stored on that device, to a repair center.
    • There are comparable devices offered through Campus-Wide Hardware Procurement program which are fully supported by ITS, have an option of retaining the hard drive in case of failure and come with a 3 year warranty.