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Telecommunications Equipment

TeleLearning Classroom

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro's (UNCG) TeleLearning classroom has seating for 41 participants. Sound-activated microphones are located throughout the seating area. Participants view incoming video on 61-inch DLP projection television screens. Four remote controlled CCD cameras provide broadcast quality coverage of the classroom. A graphics camera mounted overhead provides a view of the instructor's desktop for graphics and visual demonstrations. The instructor's podium is motorized, allowing the instructor to sit at a desk level or stand at a podium level. Other equipment features include:

  • Kramer VP-747 Presentation Switcher
  • three remote-controlled Sony EVI-HD1 10x High Definition Color Cameras
  • one Sony BRC 300, 3 CCD ceiling mounted camera
  • Sony RM BR-300 Remote Control Unit
  • two JVC 61-inch color projection televisions
  • NEC NP-P420 video projector
  • Hedco HD 16x16 video and audio routing system
  • Shure AMS 4000 and 8000 microphone mixers
  • Shure AMS 22 and AMS 24 voice activated microphones
  • Shure BLX4R and Shure ULXS4 wireless microphone systems for the instructors
  • Tascam M-1508 audio mixing console
  • high-speed access to campus LAN and Internet, as well as wireless access for participants
  • high-quality JBL audio speakers
  • JK Audio innkeeper1rx digital hybrid telephone coupler

Teleconference Room

The Teleconference room provides seating for five participants, with viewing capability for an additional three people. In addition to network connections, the room can also serve as an overflow area for the TeleLearning classroom. The Teleconference room features:

  • two remote controlled Polycom HD EagleEye Camera
  • high-quality JBL audio speakers
  • Polycom HDX microphone arrays
  • three Phillips 31-inch color monitors for incoming and outgoing video
  • access to campus LAN and Internet

The Network Connection

This equipment listed above, enables UNCG to produce broadcast-quality full-motion video and high-quality audio for use on the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN), as well as Satellite Uplink capabilities through Microspace Communications in Raleigh. The analog video and audio from our facility is converted into digital form for transmission to other sites.

UNCG's conference room currently uses a Polycom HD 9002 videoconference system for high definition videoconferencing. This system provides multipoint functionality and features integrated video, voice, data, and Web capabilities. The Polycom HDX 9002 can also display H.239 content. This allows simultaneous display of video and computer content.