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University Directory Information

Campus Directory

The campus directory is available online: Campus Directory




Accuracy of Directory Information

This directory information is extracted from databases maintained on the central University computer system by the Office of the Provost (for Faculty) and Human Resources (for SHRA personnel and EHRA non-faculty employees).

Online Campus Directory

The online Campus Directory uses the databases maintained on the central University computer system as the source for the directory listings. These records can be changed at any time and the online Campus Directory will reflect the updates.

Updating the Directory Information - Person Listing Search

Faculty & Staff:

  • Faculty- Provide corrections or updates to your home department or unit so that changes will be relayed through administrative channels to the Office of the Provost for your official personnel file.
  • SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty -
    • Changes to Office address type (OF - This refers to your office address on campus) are managed through Human Resources with the completion of an Online Directory Form.
    • Changes to Payroll address types (PY - This refers to your home address) are managed through Human Resources with the completion of an Online Directory Form.

Students: Changes and corrections to this information can be made from within UNCGenie.

Updating the Directory Information - Department Contacts

All department contacts are maintained by the department's Banner HR Timekeeper. If you find erroneous information in the departmental listings, please contact that department's timekeeper.

Confidentiality of University Directory Information

Per the North Carolina State Personnel Records Privacy Act, EHRA/SHRA employee information is deemed to be confidential with the following specified exceptions:  name, age, date of original employment or appointment to State service, current position, title, current salary, date and amount of most recent increase or decrease in salary, date of most recent promotion, demotion, transfer, suspension, separation, or other change in position classification, and the office or station to which the employee is currently assigned.

For UNCG directory purposes, "office or station to which the employee is currently assigned" is interpreted as the employee's office address (OF), phone number, and e-mail address. Each EHRA/SHRA employee has the option to include personal information (spouse, home address, and phone number) in his or her directory listing.

Student Directory Information

Unless a student requests in writing to the contrary, federal law permits the University to release certain Directory Information to the public without the student's consent. See FERPA Release of Student Information for more details.

Suppression of Student Directory Information

Under the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student has the right to request in writing that the disclosure of this information be withheld from persons outside the University.  Please note that this information can only be suppressed from the public, not from University officials.

For complete details, see Suppression of Directory Information for Students on the University Registrar's Office website.

Parents' Information

Information concerning parents of students (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is not made available as it is not considered directory information.