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Teleconferencing Services (Phone)

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a variety of voice conferencing services, including conference phone rental, Meet Me and toll-free conference reservation, and individual meet me conference line installation.

Conference Phone Rental

We have high-quality Polycom speaker phones available for daily rental to departments who wish to hold conference calls with a large group of participants assembled in one room. Our Polycom Sound Station has increased microphone sensitivity and speaker clarity over a regular desk phone.

An analog line and a functional electrical outlet must be present and available at the site. Reservation requests are available on a first-come, first-served basis and should be made at least three business days in advance.

Conference Line Reservation

Today Voice Services provides a small number of conference lines to be shared among all University departments. The Meet Me conference is a free, audio-only service that allows up to 30 callers to dial in to a prearranged local phone number; each caller is responsible for their long distance charges, if applicable. The Toll-Free conference is an audio-only service that allows up to 100 callers to dial in to a prearranged toll-free number; the requesting department pays per-minute charges for each caller.

Reservation requests can be made up to 90 days in advance and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow at least one business day for our staff to confirm your conference call date, time, and phone number.

Meet Me Conference vs Toll-Free Conference At a Glance
  Meet Me Toll-Free
Description audio-only service that allows callers to dial in to a prearranged phone number
Phone Number local phone number toll-free number
Number of Lines Available four (4) four (4)
Number of Seats (or Callers) up to 30 up to 100

(each caller pays their own long distance charges, if applicable)

(the requesting department pays per-minute charges for each caller)
Fund Number Required? No Yes
BANFIN required? No No
How to Initiate Conference Two callers dial the phone number Host dials the phone number and enters a code
Reservation Requests Scheduled by requestor using iSpartan Calendar. See Meet Me Reservations and Changes for instructions. Toll-Free Conference Reservation Request



Conference Line Installation

When departments have more than adhoc requirements for teleconferencing services (for example, regular weekly meetings) or wish to ensure a higher degree of privacy (for example, interviews), Voice Services can order a dedicated 30-seat or 60-seat Meet Me Conference Line. Your department would incur set up costs for the local phone number and monthly base charges at the then-current rates. AT&T typically requires 15 to 21 business days to establish new service.