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Creating and Managing Workshops and Events

Logging In To Your Admin Account

To be able to create, modify, and view information on Workshops and Events, you must have admin access to the Workshops and Events Calendar system. To gain access, please contact 6-TECH.

Admin access will allow you to login to the admin portal and create and modify workshops and events, and create and manage individual sessions.

To login to the Workshops and Events Admin Account, go to and login with your UNCG username and password.

Once you login you will be at the main Administration Menu. The menu has four main areas: Entry Pages, Users, Workshops and Events, and Scheduled Workshops and Events.

Viewing/Creating Categories for Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events must be categorized to show up on the main menu of the site. To view the current categories, click on Manage Categories under Entry Pages.

Manage Categories


You will see a list of categories that already exist. Scroll down to see if there is already a category that will work for your training (perhaps it has already been created by your department in the past). If not, then you can create a new category by typing in a category name and then choosing Yes if you want the category to show up in the Workshop and Events Calendar. (Choose No if you do not want it to show up at this time. This can be modified later if you want to change it to Yes.)

When choosing a Category name, please keep in mind that Categories are broader “buckets” for individual workshops or events. For instance, there is a Category called “Google” and several different workshops on Google topics are listed under that Category. Some training may need to be under its own category though.

Once you have created a Category, click on submit.

Creating a New Workshop Listing

The first step to scheduling a workshop, is to create the workshop in the Events Calendar, if it does not already exist. If you are just adding sessions, you can skip to the section on adding sections to an existing workshop.

To create a new Workshop or Event listing, go back to the main Administration menu. You can use the back button on your browser, or you can edit the URL in the window by highlighting everything after the /admin and deleting it, as shown below:

URL window

From the Workshops and Events Administration Menu::

  1. Click on Create New Workshop or Event

    Admin Menu
  2. Type in the information for your new workshop: Title, Brief Description and Full Description (the descriptions can be the same if you wish) and then click Submit. (See example below.)

    Create New Workshop
  3. On the next screen, click on Properties.

    Search for workshops

Click on Modify beside Categorized Under to choose the category to list your workshop or event under.


Once you have chosen a category, click submit. You can categorize under more than one category if that is applicable. If you are finished, click OK. (Note: if you don’t click submit before you click OK, your event will NOT be categorized!)


Now your workshop or event has been created, and categorized. You can return at any time to modify the information about the workshop or event by going to the main Admin Menu and choosing List/Modify Workshops and Events as shown below.

Admin Menu

Type the name of your workshop in the Search box.

search box

Click on Properties to make modifications to the workshop or event name, description, or category.

Scheduling Workshops and Events

Once you have created and categorized the workshop or event, you are ready to schedule sessions.

Following the steps above, instead of clicking on Properties, click on Schedule.

Search box


Add Workshop or Event

To schedule a session, put in the following information:

  1. Type in the Start Date (pay attention to the format), or choose the date from the calendar by clicking on the calendar icon.
  2. Choose the start time from the drop down arrow boxes.
  3. Type in the End Date (or choose from calendar). Note: even if the workshop or event starts and ends on the same day, you have to put the date in both boxes.
  4. Choose the end time from the drop down arrow boxes.
  5. Choose a contact for this workshop or event (you, or someone else perhaps) from the dropdown menu. If you are not the person who should be listed as the instructor, and you want the instructor to be able to go in and view registration, you will need to add them to the list of contacts. Instructions for that are covered in the section Managing Contacts.
  6. Indicate how many people may register for this workshop or event under total seats avail.
  7. Indicate whether you want this session to be available in the calendar now or not.
  8. Type in the location of the event. (Note: If you are planning on using a room that must be reserved, you should make sure you have the reservation in place first before scheduling your workshop or event.)
  9. You can also list a subtitle if you wish, and a link for Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) if you are also offering on-line access to the workshop. (Note: If you wish to use Blackboard Collaborate for people to connect to your session on-line, please contact 6-TECH.)
  10. Click submit.

You may schedule additional sessions now or in the future.

To schedule additional sessions in the future, you will login to your Admin account and choose List/Modify Workshops and Events from the main menu as you just did, and then search for your workshop or event, click Schedule, and add your additional sessions.

Managing Contacts

You may add people to the list of Contacts for Workshops and Events.

From the main Admin menu, choose Instructor Management under the Users section.

Admin menu

You will get a screen to create a new Contact as shown below. You will also see a list of contacts already in the system (not pictured here). Fill in the fields and then click add new entry.

manage contacts

The new contact will now be available to add as a contact on any sessions you already have scheduled or any new sessions.

To add the new contact on sessions that have already been scheduled, go to the main Admin menu, choose List/Modify Scheduled Workshops and Events as shown below.

Admin menu

The results will show all of the currently scheduled Workshops and Events for the month. You can change that option to show week, 2 weeks, month, all future events, last 6 months. You can either scroll down and find your session, or you can use the drop down arrow menu at the top to select the category your workshop or event is under, and find the session that way (that is a shorter list). See the image below.

Managed Scheduled Workshops

To change the contact (or anything else about a session) click on modify as shown above.

Viewing Scheduled Workshops and Rosters

To view enrollment for a session, click on the enrollment from the same screen. You can also choose to remove a session if nobody has enrolled.

Manage Scheduled Workshops

Once you click on the enrollment button you will see a list of those who have already enrolled. (List is not shown below, but will appear below the blue banner.)

You may print the roster, email all those who have enrolled, or perform other actions.