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Virtual Services

Virtualization is a technology that enables multiple instances of “virtual computer desktops” or “virtual servers” to be provided on a single physical server housed in a campus data center. What this means for UNCG is that faculty and staff can:

  • access a "virtual UNCG desktop" from an Internet-connected device without the requirement of having a powerful workstation or laptop computer and
  • quickly get a very low-cost full featured “virtual server” without having to purchase and manage an expensive physical server.

Virtualization enables UNCG to provide our services in a more secure and efficient way. It saves money, by reducing the amount of physical equipment we require to run our services, and reducing the energy and data center space required for this equipment. It’s a green technology.

MyCloud @ UNCG

MyCloud is a UNCG service that offers access to applications over the internet. Unlike typical application downloads, applications accessed through MyCloud @ UNCG do not need to be installed. This allows you to run these applications from any supported device, including PCs, Macs, and even mobile devices. In addition, you don't need to be on campus to use MyCloud, making distance learning and commuting more convenient. For details, see MyCloud @ UNCG.


Kumo is a service that enables UNCG students, faculty and staff to easily access their files from wherever they are, from any managed computer on campus, including lab workstations, and from virtual environments such as the Campus Desktop in MyCloud." For more information, see Kumo.

Virtual Servers

“Virtual servers” with either Windows or Red Hat Linux are available to UNCG faculty or staff for a minimal annual cost recovery charge. ITS provides system administration, backups, firewall protection, load balancing and operational monitoring for all virtual servers. Faculty and staff can choose from a variety of configurations to meet their individual needs. For details, see Virtual Servers.