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An Overview of the Four WebEx Centers

Training Center is used for online teaching and learning, whether for academic classes, workshops, or training sessions. Instructors will use this Center most often, especially if combining WebEx with Canvas to offer distance education or hybrid class sessions. Training Center is similar to Meeting Center, offering audio / video conferencing, document and screen sharing, and chat features, with additional pedagogically-centered features such as polling and breakout rooms. Training Center serves as UNCG's primary Synchronous Learning Management System (SLMS) tool.

Meeting Center is an online meeting platform which allows many people to come together in a virtual meeting space. This Center is good for a typical non-academic meeting; Meeting Center offers audio / video conferencing, document and screen sharing, text-based chat, and more.

Event Center is used primarily for broadcasting an online event to a large audience, and can support 1000 or more participants. Event Center is missing some features contained in Meeting Center, such as HD video, file sharing, and limited mobile support, but is generally better optimized for webinars and online events.

Support Center is a tool that is most often utilized by IT professionals for end-user support. Technicians can connect to other computers to help troubleshoot computer issues.

For detailed information on any of the four Centers, please see the links on the left menu.

Which Center Should I Use?

To determine which Center will best fit your needs, consider the following scenarios:

I want to…

Teach a class (remote instruction, distance education, hybrid class)
Use Training Center, and access it through the LMS (Canvas). Your class roster will automatically have access to the session via the LMS, and you won't need to invite them separately.

Hold a meeting
For non­academic purposes, most people will use Meeting Center. However, consider using Training Center if you need access to features like advanced polling and breakout rooms. If the purpose isn't tied directly to an academic course, you can access either Center via the direct web portal instead of through Canvas (see: WebEx @ UNCG home page for access details).

Broadcast an event to a large audience
The Event Center platform is best-suited for events where you anticipate having a large audience, especially if you do not need some of the advanced file-sharing and HD video functionality of the other centers. However, if you do not anticipate an audience over 500 people, you could also use Meeting Center or Training Center if you are more familiar with those platforms.

Meet with one or two other people
For small meetings, Meeting Center is likely the best choice, although you could also explore other, lower-overhead solutions like Google Hangouts (part of the iSpartan suite).

Help a student or colleague with a computer issue
For remote computer support, Support Center would be appropriate, or you could use Meeting Center's screen-sharing functionality as well. Support Center is typically used by IT staff to support end-users.