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WebEx Event Center

WebEx Event Center is streamlined specifically for hosting large events like webinars. Event Center features the same familiar WebEx interface from other Centers, and contains some of the same features as Meeting Center and Training Center, such as chat, polling, and Q&A.

With Event Center, multiple panelists can co-present the session using the same Whiteboard and File Sharing capabilities that the other WebEx products offer. Sessions may include up to 1000 participants, and even more in special cases (may require the user to contact Cisco support - see WebEx Support & Training for details). Event Center strips away some of the collaborative features of Training Center and Meeting Center to focus instead on delivering an individually-centered event. Feedback can be collected actively through instant feedback icons and polls, and sessions can be moderated easily through the use of the Q&A feature.

Event Center cannot be used within the LMS (Canvas) - Event Center sessions can only be initiated from the web portal directly. All UNCG faculty and staff can host sessions with Event Center (Event Center is not included in the student WebEx environment).

Users of WebEx are expected to adhere to University Policies. Please especially review the Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy.

Is Your Device Ready for WebEx?

To check the system requirements for WebEx Event Center, please visit: WebEx System Requirements.

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