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WebEx Support Center

WebEx Support Center enables you to remotely connect to another user's computer for the purpose of providing technical support or assistance to that user. Support Center includes integrated VoIP conferencing so that you can speak with the remote user directly, and provides vital, detailed system information on demand, eliminating the need to ask the user about the specifications of their machine and operating system. Through Support Center a technician may even reboot the user's computer to install updates or patches, and the session will automatically reconnect after the reboot takes place.

Support Center cannot be used within the LMS (Canvas) - Support Center sessions can only be initiated from the web portal directly. All UNCG faculty and staff can host support sessions with Support Center (Support Center is not included in the student WebEx environment).

Users of WebEx are expected to adhere to University Policies. Please especially review the Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy.

Is Your Device Ready for WebEx?

To check the system requirements for WebEx Training Center, please visit: WebEx System Requirements.

Note: mobile devices do not support WebEx Support Center at this time.

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