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WebEx System Requirements


To have a successful WebEx experience, your computer must meet the minimum specifications required by Cisco. Click the following links to see if your computer is ready to run WebEx:

To use WebEx, a small browser plugin is necessary, and will be installed the first time you attend a WebEx meeting in a particular center. Unless you remove this plugin or reset your browsers settings, this should not be necessary beyond your first or second WebEx meeting.


The Cisco WebEx Meetings mobile app functions on most iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), Android devices (including Kindle Fire), and Windows Phone. The Cisco WebEx Meetings companion Apple Watch app is also available for iPhone users. More information on the mobile app can be found on the Cisco WebEx Meetings Mobile App web page.

The app will allow attendees to use three of the four WebEx Centers - Training Center, Meeting Center, and Event Center. Note that Support Center is not mobile-enabled.

To run the Cisco WebEx Meetings mobile app, your device must meet the minimum requirements. Certain functionality may also be limited depending on the hardware specifications of your device. For more information, see Cisco WebEx Meetings for Mobile - information.