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WordPress Multisite (WPMS) Plugin Details

Akismet Back to Top

Akismet is a plugin that blocks link spam from your site's comments. Akismet Stats, accessible via Dashboard->Akismet Stats, shows details regarding the number of spam comments blocked.

Akismet Stats

Akismet Stats Results

Akismet screenshot

Backup Scheduler Back to Top

Backup Scheduler enables you to perform periodic site backups. The default settings are to backup everyday and keep the backups for 7 days.

Backup Scheduler Menu

Backup Scheduler Settings

Backup Scheduler Settings

Restoring a Backup

If you need to restore your site from a backup, please open a request via the WordPress Multisite Restore form.

Category Specific RSS Back to Top

Category Specific RSS allows you to add RSS feeds based on your content categories. The categories to be displayed are configured via the settings found in Settings->Category Specific RSS. You may then add the Category Specific RSS Widget to the widget area in which you want the RSS feeds to appear.

Category Specific RSS Menu

Category Specific RSS Settings

Category Specific RSS Settings

Category Specific RSS Widget

Easy Popular Posts Back to Top

Easy Popular Posts provides a widget showing the most popular posts on your site based on your popularity criteria. Popularity criteria can be number of comments or number of views within a time period.

Easy Popular Posts Widget Settings

Easy Popular Posts Widget Settings

Easy Popular Posts Widget

Easy Popular Posts Widget

Events Manager Back to Top

The Events Manager plugin provides a way to manage events. Events may be grouped by categories or tags and can be single or recurring events. This plugin also provides functionality to support event locations and bookings. An events page listing all events as well as a sidebar widget are available to display upcoming events.

Events Menu


Adding an Event

Events Locations

Events Manager allows you to enter locations where your events are being held and ties in nicely with Google Maps. Adding a Location

Google Doc Embedder Back to Top

Google Doc Embedder allows you to embed Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and many other file types directly in the web page.

Google Doc Embedder Menu

Google Doc Embedder Settings

Google Doc Embedder Settings

Embedding a Document

To embed a document, either add the document to your page/post via the Media Library or click the Google Doc Embedder icon in the editor toolbar.

Gravity Forms Back to Top

Gravity Forms allows you to create forms to collect information from your visitors. Multiple field types are available as well as polls and surveys. Features include conditional questions, input validation, and exporting of responses.

Gravity Forms Menu

Creating a Form

Forms must be created by using the New Form menu option. Forms can then be built by clicking the desired field type and editing the field options. Gravity Forms Create Options

Embedding a Form

Forms can be used in pages or posts by clicking the Add Form button at the top of the editor and choosing the form you want to use.
Gravity Forms Embed Button

Maintenance Mode Back to Top

Maintenance Mode allows you to display a message to your visitors during times you take your site offline in order to work on it or perform maintenance. You may customize the message, for example, explaining the reason for the site being offline and provide an expected date/time the site will be back up.

Maintenance Mode Menu

Maintenance Mode Settings

Maintenance Mode Settings

Maintenance Mode Example

Maintenance Mode Screenshot

NextGen Gallery Back to Top

The NextGen Gallery plugin provides image gallery functionality. Multiple galleries may be grouped into albums and be displayed together. NextGen provides a slideshow feature which enables you to add an image rotator to your site content. NextGen is highly configurable and lets you set image and thumbnail sizes, slideshow speed and transition effects, as well as a watermark if so desired.

NextGen Menu

NextGen - Adding Images to a Gallery

NextGen - Adding Images to your Content

Adding images to your content is as easy as clicking the NextGen icon in the content editor toolbar.

This will display a popup where you can choose if you want to insert a gallery(displayed as a gallery or a slideshow), an album or a single picture.

Social Network Auto Poster (SNAP) Back to Top

SNAP will automatically post your WordPress content to your social media accounts when it is published. SNAP supports over 20 social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.


SNAP Configuration

Details for configuring each social network are documented on the SNAP configuration page.

Social Linkz Back to Top

Social Linkz displays social media buttons on your site to allow your users to easily share your content.

Social Linkz Menu

Social Linkz Settings

Social Linkz supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Google+, StumbleUpon and Pinterest.
Social Linkz Settings

TablePress Back to Top

TablePress allows you to use tabular data on your site without having to know the HTML syntax.

TablePress Menu

Create a New Table

TablePress provides a grid, similar to a spreadsheet, for you to enter your data in. Rows and columns can be added and removed dynamically. TablePress New Table

Embedding a Table

Tables can be used in pages or posts by clicking the TablePress button at the top of the editor and choosing the table you want to use.
TablePress Embed Button

Widget Logic Back to Top

Widget Logic allows you to use widgets conditionally depending on various factors such as, "is this the home page", "is this page named 'XYZ'", etc.

Using Widget Logic

Widget Logic places a text field at the bottom of the Widget box in which you put the conditions controlling the display of the widget. The list of available conditions are found in the WordPress codex's Conditional Tags page.

Widget Logic Settings

Yoast WordPress SEO Back to Top

Yoast SEO helps improve your site's SEO. This plugin helps you focus on specific keywords for your content, analyzes your pages, provides XML sitemaps, optimizes your RSS, includes breadcrumbs and much more. To learn more about SEO, please attend one of ITS-Web's SEO Workshops.

Yoast SEO Menu

Yoast SEO When Creating Content

When creating content for your site, Yoast SEO adds a panel to your dashboard that helps you focus on presenting your content in an SEO friendly manner.