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Administrative Systems Committee Overview

The Administrative Systems Committee (ASC) membership is comprised of one delegate who is empowered to make decisions from each of the following divisions:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Business Affairs
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Student Affairs
  • University Advancement
  • University Relations


The Administrative Systems Committee assists the Executive Staff to identify and prioritize institutional-level administrative system initiatives; charges its subordinate groups as to their responsibilities and serves as the escalation path for specific issues encountered by those groups in carrying out their assigned functions; hears periodic briefings from ITS and subordinate committees as appropriate; and recommends administrative system policy and other issues as needed to the Executive Staff.


  • Annually, and as needed, identifies University-level administrative system initiatives to the Executive Staff for inclusion in the Institutional Priorities
  • Makes final decision on requests from subordinate governance groups where those groups are unable to come to consensus
  • Hears and settles any appeals arising from subordinate group decisions
  • Hears periodic briefings from and provides advice to subordinate committees on matters of strategic importance
  • Recommends administrative system policies to the Executive Staff
  • Makes recommendation to the Executive Staff on other appropriate issues, including support models for new or newly-enterprised institutional systems
Focus Reports to Through
Strategic Executive Staff Vice Chancellor ITS

Receives Input from

  • Subordinate Committees
  • Members of the Executive Staff related to policy matters
  • Faculty and staff in the division which the member represents

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