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Administrative Systems Committee Overview

The Administrative Systems Committee (ASC) membership is comprised of delegates from each of the following divisions:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Business Affairs
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Student Affairs
  • University Advancement
  • University Relations


The Administrative Systems Committee assists the ERP Steering Committee (ERPSC) in charging and managing the appropriate governance bodies to carry out work on enterprise administrative systems. The ASC keeps the ERPSC apprised of relevant issues and developments, and makes recommendations where ERPSC approval is needed. The ASC’s subordinate bodies will be given delegated authority to carry out their individual charges, but will be instructed to bring recommendations to the ASC on issues with high security or compliance impact.


  • Makes recommendations to the ERP Steering Committee regarding:
    • Establishment and revision of administrative system policies
    • University-level administrative system initiatives for inclusion in the Institutional Priorities
    • Other strategic-level recommendations arising from the ASC or its subordinate bodies
  • Works with ITS to manage enterprise administrative systems
    • Determines direction and timing of adoption of system functionality
    • Identifies client-side needs for administrative IT support
    • Give final approval of upgrades and enhancements to enterprise systems
  • Establishes and maintains enterprise wide data definitions
  • Supervises and monitors subordinate bodies
    • Makes final decision on requests from subordinate governance groups where those groups are unable to come to consensus
    • Hears and settles any appeals arising from subordinate group decisions
    • Hears periodic briefings from and provides advice to subordinate committees on matters of strategic importance

Reports to

ERP Steering Committee

Subordinate Committees

  • Banner Group
  • Data Stewards
  • Pre-Purchase Review Team
  • Process Improvement Team
  • Project Management Group
  • Reporting Group
  • Security Group
  • Training Group

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