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Classroom Technology Support

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides classroom technologies support to foster the synergy of technology, pedagogy, and the learning space. We provide computers, projectors, and media presentation equipment for the classroom, and help to promote innovative and effective learning environments that equip instructors with the ability to make effective use of technology.

In Classroom Support

ITS provides speedy, knowledgeable, and reliable technical support for classrooms. Technicians are ready to provide help via the AV Assist button on the intercoms located at all teaching stations or by telephone. Most issues can be resolved quickly via our intercom monitoring system and, if not, a technician will be in your class within 5-10 minutes.* We pride ourselves in our fast response and minimal downtime.

*Note: This refers to issues that occur during our normal business hours (Fall & Spring semesters: Monday-Thursday, 8am-9pm, and Friday, 8am-5pm. Summer: Monday-Thursday, 8am-7pm, and Friday, 8am-5pm). Technical support outside of normal business hours must be arranged in advance.

For more information, see In Classroom Support.

Classroom Technology Support Training and Consultation

ITS offers one-on-one sessions and group training to help you create an engaging learning experience through better understanding and use of our complementary classroom technologies. Far from a simple how-to session on operating technology, these sessions engage with your personal methods and preferences to help create an environment where you can be successful.

For more information, see Classroom Technology Support Training and Consultation.

Learning Space Technology Design and Installation

ITS provides assistance in the design of classroom spaces that are conducive to instruction and learning. We assist in the purchase and installation of classroom equipment to complement a wide range of teaching methods and promote positive teaching impact.

For more information, see Learning Space Technology Design and Installation.

Additional Information

Note: To schedule an appointment to receive training, contact ITS through 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or The nature of on-site campus-wide support requires that support personnel are often out of the office. Because of this, appointments are necessary to assure the appropriate personnel are available for training.