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Alumni Email FAQ

  1. Who is eligible for a UNCG Alumni Email account?
    All graduates of UNCG (and students who have applied for graduation) are eligible for an account.
  2. Are accounts given automatically to alumni?
    No. Graduates must opt-in to the alumni email service via an online self-service registration form.

    (Please note: Some graduates may not be able to verify eligibility automatically via the online form. This may be particularly true for graduates prior to the Class of 1990, and graduates who recently graduated or applied for graduation. If you do not pass the automatic eligibility check, please visit the Alumni Association or email so they can verify your eligibility manually.)
  3. What do the Alumni Email addresses look like?
    Eligible graduates can request an email address of their own choosing, within the domain of "" (e.g., Requested addresses must not violate any policies and must not already be claimed by another graduate.
  4. Can I have an Alumni Email account and a standard UNCG email account at the same time?

    Example: A UNCG employee who graduated from UNCG would be eligible for a standard UNCG email account and an Alumni Email account.

    Example: A current graduate student who previously completed their undergraduate degree from UNCG would be eligible for a standard UNCG email account and an Alumni Email account.

  5. What information is needed during the registration process?
    Graduates will need to provide:
    • UNCG University ID number
    • First and last name (exactly as they appear in UNCG's records)
    • Date of birth
    • Two of the following: confirmation email address, cell phone number, home address

    If you don't remember your University ID number, use the University ID Lookup Tool or contact one of the offices listed on that website for help.

  6. Do Alumni Email accounts expire or require renewal?
    An Alumni Email account will remain active as long as it has been logged into at least once every two years. The owner of an account that appears to be dormant/unused will be contacted before it is disabled and removed from the system.

    Alumni Email accounts given to students who have applied for graduation) but not yet officially been awarded a UNCG degree by the cutoff dates below will be deactivated:
    • December Graduation – February 15th
    • May Graduation – June 15th
    • August Graduation – October 15th
  7. Will the data from my UNCG google account be automatically moved to my Alumni Email account?
    No. Google Takeout is available to help migrate data from one Google account to another.
  8. I forgot my password to my Alumni Email account? How can I log in again?
    You can recover your password by using Google's built-in recovery options. The welcome email you received when you registered included instructions for setting up password recovery options. When you are on the sign-on page for your Alumni email, you can view those recovery options by clicking on the Need Help? link (this link appears under the email address and password fields).

    If you did not set password recovery options, or are unable to successfully reset your password using those recovery options, you will be instructed to "contact your domain IT administrator." If that is the case, please email with your name, University ID and date of birth, and we will have a new temporary password sent to your alternate email address.
  9. Can I automatically forward email from my Alumni Email account to another email account that I own?
    Yes. Follow these instructions to set up a forwarding rule: Automatically forward emails to another account.