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Core Apps vs. Consumer Apps

Google Apps
Google offers a variety of apps labeled as "core" or "consumer." Core Apps are covered by UNCG's agreement with Google and are delivered as a part of the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) suite. Consumer Apps are additional apps offered by Google that you also can access with your UNCG credentials.

Core Apps for UNCG (Between UNCG and Google)

Core Apps are those apps covered by an agreement between UNCG and Google.  This agreement specifically covers the following applications: Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Gmail, Groups, Sites, and Talk.

Consumer Apps for UNCG (Between You and Google)

Consumer Apps are additional services offered by Google that are governed by a contract between you and Google. Below is a complete list of Consumer Apps available through your UNCG account.

Google Apps @ UNCG

  App Type Access the App
Google Calendar icon Calendar Core App Launch Calendar
Google Contacts icon Contacts Core App Launch Contacts
Google Drive icon Drive Core App Launch Drive
Gmail icon Gmail Core App Launch Gmail
Google Groups for Business icon Groups Core App Launch Groups
Google Sites icon Sites Core App Launch Google Sites
Google Talk icon Talk Core App Download Google Talk
Google Blogger icon Blogger Consumer App Launch Blogger
FeedBurner icon FeedBurner Consumer App Launch FeedBurner
Fusion Tables icon Fusion Tables (experimental) Consumer App Launch Fusion Tables
Google Analytics icon Google Analytics Consumer App Launch Google Analytics
Google App Engine Admin Console icon Google App Engine Admin Console Consumer App Launch Google App Engine Admin Console
Google Bookmark icon Google Bookmarks Consumer App Launch Google Bookmarks
Google Code icon Google Code Consumer App Launch Google Code
Map Maker icon Google Map Maker Consumer App Launch Google Map Maker
Google Maps icon Google Maps Consumer App Launch Google Maps
Google Moderator icon Google Moderator Consumer App Launch Google Moderator
Google News icon Google News Consumer App Launch Google News
Google Places icon Google Places Consumer App Launch Google Places
  Google Takeout Consumer App Launch Google Takeout
Google Translator Toolkit icon Google Translator Toolkit Consumer App Launch Google Translator Toolkit
Google Voice Google Voice Consumer App Launch Google Voice
Google Webmaster Tools icon Google Webmaster Tools Consumer App Launch Google Webmaster Tools
Google+ icon Google+ Consumer App Launch Google+
Picasa Web Albums icon Picasa Web Albums Consumer App Launch Picasa Web Albums
YouTube icon YouTube Consumer App Launch YouTube