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About Google Groups

A Google Group is a type of mailing list that you can create and manage on your own. You can use a Google Group to share information with groups of people and access information effectively over email and on the web.

All new mailing lists are created as Google Groups. A Google Group operates much like the mailing lists which have been offered on, with the added feature of giving group members the ability to use the group for access control on Sites, Docs, and Calendars within iSpartan.

Note: You may continue to use existing mail lists on However, if you would like to convert an existing email list on to a Google Group, contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or

Groups icon To access your Google Groups:
  1. Login to your Gmail account (
  2. Click the Apps button Apps menu button in the upper-right corner and select Groups.

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