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About Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts allows you to send and receive chats/instant messages, place and receive phone calls or participate in asynchronous (real-time) video meetings. Hangouts replaced Google Chat July 2015.

Hangouts iconAccess Google hangouts here:
Hangouts is also available within iSpartan Gmail, Google+, and via mobile apps on iOS and Android.

If you'd also like to see and hear who you're communicating with, a plug-in is needed for your browser to access your computer's microphone and video camera. Download Google's free voice and video Hangouts plug-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I invite someone to Hangout Conversation?
    The first time you want to Hangout with someone, you must invite them to a conversation. After they accept your invitation, they will appear in your contact list and you may converse with them any time in the future. See: Start a Hangout.
  2. How do I start a video chat?
    First, you must download Google's free voice and video chat plug-in and install it on your computer. Then sign in to Gmail and click the camera icon next to the appropriate name in your Chat list. See:  Make a computer-to-computer voice or video chat.
  3. Can I chat with multiple people?
    Yes, you can Hangout with up to 25 people at once.
  4. Are Hangouts sessions recorded or archived?
    If you do a hangout "on the record," your conversation transcript history is placed under the Chats label in your Gmail account. You are responsible for keeping that record according to The North Carolina Public Records Law. See also: Records Management at UNCG.
  5. Which Accessibility Tools work best with Hangouts?
    A list of recommend accessibility tools based on device is available on the Google Hangout Help Center: Use Hangouts with a screen reader.

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