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About Google Vault

Vault is an add-on for Google Apps that will provide retention and disaster recovery for email for all users of Google Apps at UNCG, not just those in specific employee classifications. Vault is replacing the service previously provided by Postini which was also owned by Google. Vault will make it easier for all campus users to comply with the North Carolina Public Records Act. Refer to UNCG's Records Management site for more details.

Email Archiving, Retention and Access

For faculty and staff, all incoming email is routed through Google Vault prior to delivery to the user's inbox, and outgoing email passes through Vault prior to being routed to the internet. Users can find any piece of archived/retained email directly in their Gmail inbox (there is no additional website or application to log in to, like there was for Postini). For help accessing your archived email or searching for email (whether it be in your inbox, labels, or your archive), go to these websites:

Virus and Spam Detection & Management

Virus and spam detection and management are provided directly by Gmail, not Vault. For information about how spam and viruses are managed by Gmail, see: About Gmail.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a quota limit for the number of emails I can keep in my Gmail or Vault?
    No. Google Apps provides unlimited Gmail, Drive, and Vault storage for all UNCG users.
  2. Can I keep a message for longer than 10 years in my Gmail, or will it be deleted automatically at any time?
    You can keep any email in your Gmail inbox (or in another label/folder) for as long as you want. If you delete the message (or move to trash), it will still be searchable and recoverable for 10 years from the time it was originally sent or received. If you want to keep a message for more than 10 years, just keep it in your inbox or another label (don't Delete or Trash it).
  3. How long after I've deleted an email that I sent/received can I find and restore it to my Gmail inbox?
    10 Years from the time it was sent or received. For example, if you receive an email on April 10th, 2015, and then later choose to delete/trash that email, then you'll be able to search for and restore it until April 10th, 2025.
  4. Postini used to provide a quarantine summary every day. Does Vault do this too?
    No. Vault does not perform the spam and virus detection now; Gmail does this directly instead. Any message that you receive that Gmail detects as spam, will be delivered to your "spam" label in Gmail for you to view immediately.
  5. How do I mark emails as "spam," or how do I mark spam messages as "not spam"?
    Gmail provides a button labeled Mark as Spam and Not Spam for you to use with any message. For more information about managing spam settings and flagging emails correctly, see: Legitimate mail is marked as spam and Reporting spam.
  6. I was able to search for and retrieve emails from UNCG's old email system Lotus Notes in Postini. Can I find those same messages after Vault is enabled?
    Yes. All archived email in Postini, including Lotus email, will be discoverable in Gmail until January 31st, 2021 (10 years after the last email from Lotus Notes was imported into Postini).