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iTunes U at UNCGUNCG: Inspire. Change.

Information Technology Services (ITS) is pleased to offer support for UNCG's implementation of iTunes U. iTunes U at UNCG is a partnership between the University and Apple Computer, Inc. that provides us with storage space and a University presence for delivering media content such as podcasts in the Apple iTunes Store. The University community provides the content.

What do I need to access UNCG on iTunes U?

  1. If you do not already have it installed, download iTunes from Apple's website.

  2. Double-click the file and follow the installation instructions.

How do I upload my content on iTunes U?
If you or your department have publicly available content and would like to participate in our public service, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH or You will then be contacted by an ITS staff member to discuss your request.

Can I play the files on something other than an iPod?
Yes. Although you will need iTunes in order to access the iTunes U at UNCG site, you can copy the files you choose to download to any player that can play .mp4 AAC (MPEG4) content. You can also right-click (control + click on a Mac) on an audio track in iTunes and choose "Convert Selection to MP3" from the menu and then copy that file to any MP3 player.

The only video format that is supported in iTunes U is a subset of MPEG-4 appropriate for mobile devices. Fortunately, many mobile players that support video also support MPEG-4.

What does it cost?
There is no charge for using this service. It is free to both content creators and subscribers. The University does have a limit to the amount of data we can store within iTunes U. This means that ITS will reserve the right to limit uploads for any user or department using a disproportionate amount of space.

Do I have to download content to see or hear it?
No. You can play audio or video files via progressive streaming in the iTunes program. In order to download a file to your iPod or other player, click the GET button next to the track.

What kinds of content are available?
iTunes U uses a technology called podcasting, which supports audio and video content. Content is created by the University Community and includes material for classes, as well as material for publicity and general information.

Is iTunes U content copyright protected?
We do not use digital rights management software (DRM) to protect content in iTunes U. The copyright ownership of the original media extends to the content delivered by iTunes U. See UNCG's Copyright and Fair Use guidelines and UNCG'S Copyright Ownership and Use Policy. For more information, see the University Counsel website.

How do I create content for iTunes U?
See Apple's online guide: Creating Content for iPod + iTunes (pdf: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader).

For information regarding UNCG available resources for assistance with creating, editing and publishing digital/multimedia content see the following:

  • Digital Media Commons – for an overview of services provided by Jackson Library
    • services include assistance with creating and editing content, including access to computers with media editing software
  • Web Streaming and Multimedia Publishing Support – for an overview of ITS-provided services
    • focus is overall project consultation along with compression, conversion and publication of edited content
    • ITS can provide tips and assistance with using University-provided software such as WebEx and Google+ Hangouts to produce audio/video/multimedia recordings

How do I create accessible content for iTunes U?
Review guidelines and samples from the National Center for Accessible Media.

What are the guidelines for inclusion of content?
The UNCG on iTunes U site contains publicly available content created by and showcasing various areas of the UNCG community. If you or your department have publicly available media content (e.g., audio or video files) and would like to participate in this public service, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or An ITS staff member will contact you to discuss your request.

Content created for iTunes U is expected to adhere to University Policies, especially the Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy and the Copyright Compliance for Users of UNCG Technology Policy. ITS reserves the right to remove any content that is found to be not in compliance with these or any University Policies.

Because iTunes U is considered a Social Media service, ITS also recommends you familiarize yourself with the University’s Social Media Standards prior to posting content publicly on iTunes U.

When posting media content publicly, it is good practice to obtain a University "model release" from recorded participants. In some cases (e.g., public promotional/advertising material) this is required. The release waiver form may be downloaded from the UNCG Brand Guide website.  Visit the Photography Resources web page and select Download a PDF of the UNCG model release. If you have questions regarding requirements for use of this form, please contact University Counsel.

For more information on University Policies, please visit The University Policy Manual at


How do I learn more about iTunes U?
You can learn more by visiting Apple's own site on iTunes U.

How do I learn more about web streaming and multimedia publishing at UNCG?
Visit Web Streaming and Multimedia Publishing Support.