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About Google Drive

Google Drive is a place to keep different types of documents that you can edit and share online. In addition to Google documents, you can upload other types of documents (e.g., Microsoft Word, image files, and PDFs) to your Google Drive.

Please Note:

Drive icon To access your Google Drive:
  1. Login to your Gmail account (
  2. Click the Apps button Apps menu button in the upper-right corner and select Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I recover a file that was permanently deleted from my Google Drive (i.e., emptied from the Trash)?
    No, there is no way to recover a file once it has been emptied from the Trash. However, if you simply moved a file to the Trash, but did not empty the Trash, you can move it back to your Drive. See: File deletion and recovery policy.
  2. How can I restore a previous version of a Google Doc?
    You can view and restore a previous version of a Google Doc through the Document history pane. See: Revision history.
  3. How much storage quota do I have in Google Drive/Gmail?
    There is no storage or quota limit for Google Drive or Gmail. UNCG users can store unlimited email, documents, files, photos in Google Drive and Gmail, with individual files up to 5 terabytes being allowed. For more information, please see
    No More Quota Limits! Unlimited Storage for all iSpartan Users.

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