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Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

Yet Another Mail Merge is a powerful email merge addon for Gmail and Google sheets. It can be used to send a personalized email to up to 1500 email addresses per day. It is available from within your iSpartan Gmail account, and requires no software to download or install.

Who is Eligible?

All UNCG users have access to YAMM, however everyone should adhere to the UNCG Volume Emailing Software Appropriate Use Guidelines.

How Can I Get YAMM?

  1. In Google Sheets, click the Add-ons pull-down menu and select Get Add-ons.
    Add-ons menu
  2. Search for and locate Yet Another Mail Merge. Click the Free button next to the add-on.

    Free button
  3. A pop-up window will launch containing the Authorization screen.
    Note: based on your browser's configurations, you may need to permit pop-up windows.
  4. Click the Allow button, located at the bottom of this pop-up window.

    Allow button
  5. Yet Another Mail Merge will be installed at this point and will offer you the opportunity to import your contacts information into the current sheet. Importing Contacts is not necessary; choose: “No thanks. I'll add emails myself!

    No thanks option

Using YAMM

  1. Start by creating a Google Sheet with email merge data. Use the first row for column names. Include at least one column for email addresses.

    Note: YAMM assumes, by default, that column A contains the recipient email addresses. If you choose to use a different column, you must indicate this when you start your mail merge [See Step 4b].

    Google Sheet with email addresses
  2. Once your Sheet is ready, go to Gmail and create a draft message, using the column name labels as merge indicators where appropriate.
    • Merge indicators should be enclosed in double less-than (<<) and greater-than (>>) signs. For example: <<Zip>>.
    • Merge indicators can be used in the subject or the body of the email, and can be repeated.
    • Note: Do not place a merge indicator in the Recipients section of the email.
  3. Save the email as a Draft, by clicking the Save & Close icon on the far right of the New Message menu bar.

    Save & close button
  4. Once your email draft is complete, return to the Google Sheet and initiate a merge:
    1. Click the Add-ons pull-down menu and select Yet Another Mail Merge and Start Mail Merge.

      Start Mail Merge menu option
    2. The Start Mail Merge window will appear.
      • YAMM license info may also be displayed. Based on changes in UNCG licensing, licensing info of screenshots may not match.
      • YAMM assumes, by default, that column A contains the recipient email addresses. If your sheet uses a different column, click the (change) link and select the appropriate column.
      • By default, the email Sender Name and Send From address correspond to the Sheet's account.
      • The Email Template pull-down menu will contain a list of all your current Draft email Subject lines.
    3. Select the Email Template (i.e., Draft email) to use in the merge.
    4. Test the merge by clicking Send me a test email.

      Send me a test email button
    5. Check your Gmail Inbox to review the test email for accuracy. You may then return to your Google Sheet and click Send Emails or Send later.

For additional support, visit the YAMM website or contact 6-TECH at 336-256-TECH (8324) or