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About ITS Service Catalog

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Service Catalog is a comprehensive list of all of the services that ITS provides to UNCG students, faculty, and staff. The catalog was developed to provide one central source of information, with a standard format, for each of these services. This permits a simple and effective means of browsing and learning about the division’s service offerings.

How Does it Work?

The Service Catalog groups ITS services into categories, such as Teaching and Learning, Research Computing, Administrative Systems, and Accounts and Identity. For each category there is a web page that provides a list of the services in that category. For each individual service, there is a web page that contains the service description, links to relevant user documentation, links to additional information about options and rates (when applicable), and links to related services.

There are 4 options for searching the catalog:

Range of services and products provided by ITS

ITS provides a broad array of services and products used University-wide, including services to assist with:

  • Communication and collaboration through telephony, email, chat, secure online file sharing, collaborative document and media editing, and video conferencing.
  • Teaching, learning, and research activities essential to the University’s academic mission, including tools for synchronous and asynchronous online learning, instructional and research software, and advanced technologies such as high performance computing resources.
  • Planning, designing, and operation of core business systems that support and facilitate admissions, financial, student records and accounts, payroll, human resources, research services, and alumni/development systems.
  • Infrastructure services such as database administration, disaster recovery, server hosting and storage management for systems and services – provided in a secure, monitored, state of the art facility.
  • The protection of UNCG’s information assets, from safeguarding personal and intellectual data to securing the integrity and operation of the University’s technology infrastructure with a range of security services, consulting and guidance.
  • Managing and executing projects with a wide array of consulting services to determine solutions to best met our clients’ technology needs.