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Service: Data Storage Services


ITS provides several data storage services to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. Generally, these fall into two categories based on the location of the data:

  • Cloud storage with third party service providers
    • Box
    • Google Drive
    • Microsoft OneDrive
  • UNCG network storage
    Accessed via UNCG General Computing Network (GCN).
    Examples: network N: or S: drives or special volumes

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Choose Appropriate Storage for Sensitive Data

It is important that you choose the appropriate service for the data files you wish to store. Business, academic and research data are subject to the university’s Data Classification Policy which defines four classes of data with respect to risk: High, Moderate, Low and Minimal.

If you work with High, Moderate or Low Risk data, you must use an approved storage solution for that class of data. Approved storage solutions, by classification level, can be found in the tables of University Data Storage Requirements. (Security measures including classifications are set by ITS working in cooperation with the Data Stewards.)

On the other hand, if the data files you are storing fall into the Minimal Risk class (e.g., general business docs), then you can choose any of the available storage options.


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