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Qualtrics @ UNCG

Qualtrics is a web-based application used to design, distribute, and analyze online surveys.

Who is eligible?

All UNCG faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use Qualtrics at UNCG.

How can I get the software?

You may access Qualtrics by logging in to with your UNCG Username and Password.

Note: Starting March 17, 2017, staff, faculty, and students will be able to create an unlimited number of Qualtrics surveys (previously, students were limited to no more than five surveys).

Qualtrics Offline App

Qualtrics has an app which can be installed on tablets or smartphones (anything operating with Android or iOS) for collecting survey results when not connected to the internet. For installation instructions and more information about offline surveys, see Qualtrics: Setting Up the Offline App.


  • When you get to Entering Your Qualtrics Credential on the Getting Started page, skip the Standard Login instructions and follow the Single Sign-On (SSO) Login instructions because that is what we use at UNCG.
  • Unless you have had your UNCG Qualtrics account since early 2011, you need to add "#uncg" to the end of your email address in the Username field.
  • Since the API token is quite long, you may find it easier to send it in an email or copy it from the browser on your mobile device, rather than typing it in.
  • Device Identifier will automatically populate with your device name, but you can change it if you would like. When you download results, this will show in the Respondent field, so you can differentiate responses from different devices.

Remember that the Qualtrics offline app is only a method for collecting responses offline. Creating, editing, distributing, reporting and downloading results are still done only through the online, browser-based application.

Using Qualtrics

  • The Help button in Qualtrics ( leads to good information through written documents, video tutorials, via e-mail, or by phone. You do not need additional information to get direct help from Qualtrics tech support. They are an excellent resource. You can also register to attend Qualtrics Webinars.
  • Check for Qualtrics drop-in consultation hours through the UNCG Workshops & Event Calendar.
  • If you have other questions (e.g., transferring ownership of surveys, collaborating, setting up a group), contact 6-TECH Technical Support at 336-256-TECH (8324) or