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About Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) is one of UNCG's four divisions that report to the Chancellor, the university's chief executive. ITS is headed by Donna Heath, Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services. UNCG is a member of Internet2 and has been designated by the UNC Board of Governors as an Information Technology Management Flexibility campus.

ITS Mission Statement

Information Technology Services (ITS) is UNCG's central technology organization, providing computing, communications, and data services, and consulting with UNCG faculty/staff/students on technology. ITS is responsible for planning and management of the transmission and utilization of data, voice, and video, in support of the university's academic and administrative goals. ITS promotes best practices, efficient procurement, and overall cost-effectiveness in the use of IT resources across the entire University. Also see: Using Technology for Efficiency and Effectiveness.

ITS Metrics

ITS tracks metrics in several categories to help monitor the performance of our organization. For more information, including metrics for Client Satisfaction, Service Utilization, and Uptime, visit the ITS Metrics website.

Setting Priorities

Setting Priorities for Campus-wide Information Technology at UNCG (PDF: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader)

The How of IT Planning, 2013-2016

Toward a Value-added Computing Model for UNCG, 2013-2016 (PDF: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader)

IT Advisory/Coordinating Structure at UNCG

IT Governance Strategy (PDF: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader)

ITS Plans

ITS Annual Reports

The reports linked in this section are in PDF format and require a reader such as Adobe Reader.








New or Expanded Services, 2008 - February 2012

Technology Services & Utilization Reports

SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.4.12 - Technology Use was written in 2013 as UNCG's response to SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.4.12 - Use of Technology in Academic Programs. The content focuses on how UNCG uses technology to enhance the student learning experience and how students are trained in the use of technology. This document does not cover UNCG research technology or administrative computing services, except to illustrate how they support the student learning experience.

ITS Services in Support of Online Learning - Spring 2011 was provided to University's Committee on Online Learning in May, 2011.

ITS Organization

ITS operates as a single department, with all budget and staff centrally managed. ITS has the following work groups:

  • Administrative Systems
    Administrative Systems provides services integral to the delivery of effective, efficient, and reliable core business information systems to the community of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It is made up of the areas of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Data Management.

    Primary responsibilities include:

    • Analysis of university client information system requirements and recommendation of best practice solutions
    • Evaluation of marketed systems and development alternatives, and delivery of cost benefit analyses of available options
    • Development and delivery of customed business systems tailored to specific university needs
    • Installation and maintenance of vendor-supplied and locally developed systems
    • Integration of diverse information system to improve operational efficiences
    • Ensuring the availability, reliability, integrity, and efficiency of these information systems
    • Providing services and solutions that enhance the value of university data in support of informed tactical and strategic decision making
  • Learning Technology and Client Services
    Learning Technology and Client Services is committed to delivering responsive, high-quality, customer-oriented services, and support that fosters a productive and stable instructional, research and administrative operational environment for the students, faculty, and staff of UNCG. In support of this mission, Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the following services:
    • Acquisition, implementation, management, and support of selected instructional, research, and business software applications, including enterprise-wide learning, research, and office use technologies
    • Maintenance and support of technology equipped learning spaces, open-access computer labs and "TeleLearning" facilities
    • Reliable internal and external ITS communication services, including web/mobile application development and support
    • Computer hardware and peripheral device acquisition support, installation, and repair
    • Training, consultation and direct client assistance for use of technology at UNCG
    • Participation in campus-wide initiatives to assess and meet university information technology needs
  • Systems and Networks
    Systems and Networks is responsible for managing the end-to-end service delivery and support processes to ensure that agreed upon customer requirements and expectations are met at all times. Services include:
    • Plan, design, and implement stable and secure IT voice and data network infrastructure.
    • Provide centrally hosted and managed enterprise file, Web, print, database, and application services.
    • Provide hosting services according to the Enterprise Systems Policy (ESP) for departmental servers.
    • Provide real time monitoring and maintenance of UNCG ITS infrastructure.
    • Provide single point of contact for University client community ITS supported services through 6-TECH.

    Systems and Networks is dedicated to continually improving the standards of customer service while ensuring a secure and stable working environment to support the business and academic goals of the University.

Senior Managers include

  • Lee Norris, AVC for Administrative Systems
  • Todd Sutton, AVC for Learning Technology and Client Services
  • Jeff Whitworth, AVC for Systems and Networks, Chief Infrastructure Architect
  • Vickie Gaskill, Director of Management and Budget
  • Natsu Carr, Director of Technology Planning and Operations
  • Joe Ames, Director, ERP Business Analysis and Module Development
  • Vacant, Chief Data Officer
  • Bryce Porter, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chris Waters, University Webmaster

Vice Chancellor's Office