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Using Technology for Efficiency and Effectiveness

ITS Vision Statement

Information Technology Services (ITS), with partners on and off campus, uses technology to provide the most cost-effective services and solutions to the UNCG community and our UNC System partners. Innovative use of technology in instruction is central to the future of higher education.

We seek to provide the most cost-effective services through: 

  • Efficiency Initiatives
    Financial savings or cost avoidance
  • Service Improvements & Risk Mitigation
    More effective operations, while containing risks
  • Business Process Improvements
    Technology-enabled process redesign leading to greater efficiency in areas outside ITS

Continuing Efforts

2014-15 Efficiency Initiatives

2014-15 Service Improvement/Risk Mitigation

2014-15 Business Process Improvements

Efficiency: Other current

Service Improvement/Risk Mitigation: Other current