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How to Use the Pay-for-Print System in ITS Computer Labs

All users of Information Technology Services (ITS) managed computer labs must pay to print.

  • All students are given an allocation of 75 pages per semester (150 pages per year), which shows as a $3.00 balance when they log into the Pharos print release station. For the summer, students are given an allocation of 40 pages (this is for the entire summer, not for each session), which shows as a $1.60 balance when they log into the Pharos print release station. You will not be charged for these pages. The pay-for-print system is designed to debit the free allocation first and then it will roll to the SpartanCash account if there are no funds showing in the free allocation. Faculty or staff members will not see a free allocation (unless they meet the criteria below) when they log into their pay-for-print account in the computer labs.
  • Faculty and staff do not receive a free allocation.
    NOTE: Any faculty or staff member who is registered for credit classes may request a student pay-for-print free allocation for the semester in which they are registered. Such requests must be done on an individual basis, by that faculty or staff member for each semester in which the individual is enrolled. Requests for the free printing allocation may be made by sending an email to, by calling 6-TECH at 256-TECH (8324), or by visiting the SuperLab. Faculty/staff members may either visit the SuperLab with a copy of their course registration information, or their registration status can be verified through Banner. Once their student status is verified, the free allocation amount will be credit to the individual printing account and they will be notified when it is available.
  • Faculty and staff may request to have an allocation of a certain dollar amount to be added to their Pharos printing account by submitting a departmental BANFIN-33 to the ITS Budget Officer, Michelle Griffin, in Bryan 235. The BANFIN-33 should list "Pharos printing allocation credit" as the item description, as well as the dollar amount you would like credited to your printing allocation. Once the BANFIN-33 has been received you will be contacted to confirm that the allocation has been credited to your Pharos printing account.
  • (-$99,999)- Pharos First Login Setup Amount
    The upgraded Pharos printing system (upgraded May 2009) requires each account to be setup and entered into the database. If you see the above balance amount after swiping your UNCG ID card at a print release station on campus, this indicates you have just logged into the upgraded Pharos printing system with your UNCG ID card for the first time. If you log out and back into the print release station the correct amounts (your free allocation if you are eligible and your SpartanCash amounts) will appear at the bottom of the screen, so that you may release your print jobs. Please see a lab consultant on duty or press the "Tech Help" button at the intercom in the lab you are using if you have questions!
    The upgraded Pharos printing system (as of 5/27/2009) DOES NOT ALLOW sharing of University ID cards (or guest cards) in the computer labs. The new transaction system that the Pharos printing system uses to confirm SpartanCash funds, only allows one user per card number in the database. Therefore, if individuals share ID cards (this also includes guest cards), this will cause both printing accounts to become locked. If this happens you must visit the SuperLab, with a picture ID, in order to have your printing account unlocked.
  • For more information about printing services at UNCG, including Web Printing, see: Printing at UNCG.

After your student allocation has run out:

  • You will be charged four cents ($.04) per page for every single-sided page you print.
  • You will be charged six cents ($.06) for a duplex (double-sided) page.
    NOTE: All lab printers are set to duplex by default.
  • Color printing charges are twenty cents ($.20) for a singe-sided page, or thirty-eight cents ($.38) for a double-sided page. Color printing is available in the SuperLab, located in the Jackson Library.
    NOTE: There are no "emergency" exceptions to this rule! If you run out of your allocation, you MUST pay in order to print.
  1. Put money on your UNCG ID Card.
    First CardThe first thing you will need is your UNCG ID Card. If you are a returning student who has an older card (UNCG FirstCard Plus), your ID card should continue to work with the Pharos pay-for-print system. If your card does not work, you may need to visit the UNCG Card Center, located at 121 Elliott University Center (EUC), around the corner from the UNCG Bookstore and the coffee shop. You must have money on your SpartanCash account in order to print once you use up your free allocation! This includes printing during classes!
    If you do not have a UNCG ID card, you must go to the UNCG Card Center to obtain one or you may visit one of the fill station locations to purchase a "guest card" in order to print where there is a Pharos print station. For more information about obtaining a UNCG ID card, please call 334-5651.
    In order to put money on your SpartanCash account, you may visit a fill station or you may visit the UNCG Card Center. The SpartanCash fill stations are at the following locations:
    • Jackson Library - across from the Access Services desk
      (this machine also dispenses guest cards that may be used to print in the labs if you have forgotten your regular UNCG ID card)
    • UNCG Card Center, Room 121 EUC
  2. Send your print job to the printer.
    Send your job to the printer as you normally would, by selecting the Default Printer object when you click on Print from within the program you are using. This is the printer you will be prompted to use by default, or the one you will use if you click on the Print button in Microsoft Word, for example. The default printer should correspond with the computer lab name.
    NOTE: There is one color printer available. Print jobs can be submitted to this color printer, located in the SuperLab, from any ITS computer lab by selecting File/Print, and then chosing the "SuperLab-Color printer" from the printer drop-down menu.
    If you are using a Macintosh or if you send your job to the pop-up printer object instead of the Default Printer, you will see a pop-up window like the one below.
    • Enter your UNCG user name (the same one you used to log onto the computer) in the box and click OK.
      Pharos Window
      Note: There is often a slight delay before you see this window, so wait for it to appear before you proceed to the print release station, as described below.
  3. Next, go to the Pharos Uniprint Print Release Station.
    After you send your print job from the computer, go to the print release station attached to the printer. The Welcome screen will look similar to the picture below.
    Print Station Welcome screen
    When you move the mouse, you will see the login screen shown below. Log on with your UNCG user name and password (the same ones you used to log into the computer). After you have logged in, you will be prompted to swipe your UNCG ID card (or you may use a guest card that was purchased from the fill station).
    Print Station logon screen
    If you have not exhausted your free allocation (the pages you are not charged for), you should see your free allocation amount showing at the bottom of the screen, as well as any money you may have on your SpartanCash account. Once funds have been confirmed, you can simply release your print job as explained in step 4 below.
    You will have the ability to see how much money you have left in either your allocation or on your SpartanCash account before you print.
  4. Release your print job.
    After you log into the Print Release Station, you will see your list of print jobs and information about how many pages are in each one, as shown below. Use the mouse to highlight one or more of your pending print jobs (you can select multiple jobs by holding down the CTRL or SHIFT key and clicking the left mouse button).
    • You can then click either Print to send your job to the printer or Delete to cancel the job.
    • Your job will then be printed (or deleted).
      Release Screen
    You can also view your account's printing history by clicking on Account Management. You will be able to view all of the jobs that you have printed as shown below.
    After you have finished printing and/or viewing your account, click Log Off to log out of your Pharos printing account.
    Account Details

NOTE: If you do not release your print job, it will be deleted from the print queue in four hours.