Information Technology Services

ITS DTC and DTS Programs

Information Technology Services (ITS) set up two programs to facilitate coordination of technical support with campus departments:

  • Department Technology Coordinator (DTC) program
  • Department Technology Support (DTS) program

The roles that UNCG faculty and staff have in these programs are described below.

What is the Department Technology Coordinator Role?

As part of UNCG's transition to the General Computing Network (GCN), each department identified a primary Department Technology Coordinator (DTC) and a backup. This person has technical responsibilities related to the department's use of the UNCG network, and serves as a primary point of contact for Information Technology Services (ITS). Some departments may choose to share a DTC.

DTC Responsibilities

  • Administer network file space within the department(s)
  • Administer department special groups that provide access to shared printers and other resources
  • Administer department network file space quota/space issues and questions
  • Serve as the primary ITS contact person for the department(s)
  • Communicate with the department regarding the GCN and other initiatives.

To start the process of becoming a DTC, please complete this form:

DTC Role Request (pdf: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader)

and submit it to the 6-TECH Service Desk following the instructions provided.

What is the Department Technology Support Role?

The Department Technology Support (DTS) role for a department can be filled by individuals whose job responsibilities include providing technical support for computer hardware (e.g., desktops, laptops, printers) up to and including reimaging computers. A DTS will be given an administrative ("ADM") account that will provide elevated privileges to departmental users which are necessary to manage the organizational network data and workstations. Not all departments will have DTS staff.

Requirements for this role include:

  • DTS training/certification
  • DTS Admin Account Request Form
  • Approval from the department head

To start the process of becoming a DTS, please complete this form:

DTS Admin Account Request (pdf: requires a reader such as Adobe Reader)

and submit it to the 6-TECH Service Desk following the instructions provided.

DTC/DTS Forms & Information

Who Is My DTC?

To determine who your DTC is:

  1. In Windows, double-click the Computer icon on your desktop.

    Computer icon
  2. On the left-hand pane, click Network.

    Network icon
    Note: If you see the message: "Network discovery is turned off. Network computers and devices are not visible. Click to change...," click this message and select "Turn on network discovery and file sharing." Then click Yes in the User Account Control window.
  3. At the top of the Network window, click Search Active Directory.

    Search Active Directory link
  4. In the Find Users, Contacts, and Groups search window, enter the name of your department in the Name field.

    You can type just the first part of the name. For example, if your department is Biology, you can type "bio" and it will find the Biology department groups.
  5. Make sure Entire Directory is selected in the search criteria and click the Find Now button.

    Find Users, Contacts, and Groups window
  6. In the Search results, double-click to select the group with your department-name_DTC (Example: BIOLOGY-12204_DTC).

    Search results
  7. In the Properties window, you will see the members of your DTC group listed in the Members section. You can use the member Name (username) to identify your DTC. If the Members section is empty, please contact 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or

    Properties window