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Using Checkpoints to Restore Data

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers Checkpoints as a way for the end-user to recover files stored on the network, without having to contact 6-TECH. Checkpoints are "point in time" copies of any changes to a file system. They allow a user or owner of a file to look at the history of the file space changes and to restore files that have been changed.

These checkpoint schedules for both your Home (S:\) and Departmental (N:\) directories have been configured as follows:



Copies Kept



Daily at 10pm

14 days

User can restore any changes on their home directory or departmental directory that occurred in the past two weeks without Information Technology Services (ITS) having to go to the Nightly Incremental backup tapes.


The first day of every month at midnight

3 months

User can restore any changes on their home directory or departmental directory from this point in time each month, preventing ITS from having to go to Month-End backup tapes for the past three months.

Restoring Files

Checkpoint files can be accessed with the Previous Versions tab in the Windows file space. You will see all the checkpoints and can restore files and folders as necessary.

  1. Right-click on a file or folder in your network space (N:\ or S:\) and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties window, click the Previous Versions tab.

  3. In the Folder versions or File versions box, you can browse through all checkpoints that are saved on the system. To Open, Copy, or Restore a file or folder, select it and click the appropriate button.