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Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client for Vendor Support

This document is intended for vendors who require access to systems in the secured UNCG environment as well as for UNCG employees who require access to specialized environments (e.g., VCAM, Utility, etc.) which are not accessible from the GCN. Access will be granted to the noted resources via the Cisco AnyConnect Client.

Request Access

To obtain the AnyConnect Client, all vendors will need a UNCG sponsor to contact 6-TECH (256-TECH or to request vendor VPN access. The following information should be provided in that request:

  1. What is the IP address and name of the server you wish to administer?
  2. What services (tcp/udp) are required to access the server you wish to administer?
  3. What application will you be running? What type of application is it?
  4. Are you the sole administrator?
  5. Is this activity part of a project, and if so, what number?
  6. For which department is this needed? Who is the department head? Is the department head aware of your request?
  7. Is this an Enterprise Systems Policy server?
  8. Who is the technical lead who was involved in the server placement behind the firewall?

UNCG employees who require access to specialized networks which are not accessible from the GCN should also submit a request through 6-TECH with the information listed above. This solution is not a workaround for UNCG employees who choose not to migrate to the GCN. Request for access to GCN resources through this solution will not be permitted.

Access will be permitted on a per vendor / per user basis with restricted access to the server(s) specified in the VPN request. The services (tcp/udp) must also be specified for the request to be completed.

Installation and Access Instructions

  1. Navigate to via your web browser. You will be presented with a login screen. SecureNetworkAccess should be selected in the Group field. If not, please select SecureNetworkAccess, enter your UNCG credentials and click the Login button.

    Note: If you already have the Anyconnect client installed on you machine, please skip to step 7.

    IMPORTANT - The login may fail for Vendors that have previously used Novell credentials. UNCG (CAMPUSAD) credentials are required to access this service. If a logon failure occurs, the UNCG sponsor (owner of the vendor account) must reset the vendor password via All account types should be selected during the reset process.
  2. The install process will be initiated. Please acknowledge any pop-up messages that occur.

  3. If running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will be prompted to allow the WinSetup-Release-web-deploy.msi program to make changes to the computer. Select Yes.

  4. An install progress bar will be shown.

  5. Once the install process is complete, a connection will be automatically established. This connection status will be shown in the browser (the browser window can be closed).

    In addition, you will see an icon with a lock in the Windows task bar (bottom right-hand corner).

    IMPORTANT - While connected to the AnyConnect client, you will only be able to access the resources originally requested. If access to additional resources is required, a request will need to be submitted with the details of the access needs. Split tunneling is not and option.

  6. To end the AnyConnect session, right-click the AnyConnect icon located in the Windows task bar and select VPN Disconnect from the menu.

  7. After the initial install of the client is complete, you will no longer need to access the website to establish a connection. To establish a new connection from the Start menu navigate, to Cisco > Cisco AnyConnnect Secure Mobility Client and select the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client program.

  8. A connection screen will be displayed. If the connection field is not already populated, type and click Connect.

  9. A login screen will be displayed. SecuredNetworkAccess should be selected in the Group field. If not, please select it. Enter your UNCG credentials and click OK.

  10. A secure connection will be established and you will see the Anyconnect icon the the Windows task bar.

  11. Follow the instructions in step 6 to disconnect the client session.