Information Technology Services

Connect to the Wireless Network with iOS Mobile Device

Cloudpath will configure computers and mobile devices for the eduroam network, the best high-speed broadband connecton option for student services.

About Using Cloudpath
  • Cloudpath does not provide configuration services for faculty and staff use of the General Computing Network (GCN). GCN user systems are automatically pre-configured for secure internal GCN wireless through centrally-managed group policy.
  • If you are unable to reconfigure your wireless settings using Cloudpath, see: Connect to the Wireless Network with iOS (Manual Setup).

Make sure you have an Internet connection.

If you don't have a data plan, or do not wish to use your data plan for this step see Connect to the UNCG Guest Network.

Open in Mobile Safari.

While other browsers exist for iOS, automatic installation of a device configuration profile requires the use of Mobile Safari.

UNCG Wireless Cloudpath wizard

Select the checkbox to accept the terms of the EULA, and click Start.


Install the device configuration profile.

Install Profile

Enter your iOS device passcode. (Optional)

If you have configured a passcode or Touch ID on your device you will be required to provide it before installing the device configuration profile.

Information Technology Services (ITS) strongly encourages users to configure passcodes on their iOS devices.

Install the root certificate.


Enter your full UNCG email address as shown below.


Enter your UNCG password.


You should now be connected to the eduroam network.


NOTE: If your device doesn't automatically connect to the eduroam network, select it from the list of networks in Settings > Wi-Fi.