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WebEx is Cisco's online collaboration suite, a set of video-conferencing tools that are geared toward various online collaboration needs, such as synchronous online learning, online meetings, and webinars. The WebEx suite consists of four tools: Training Center, Meeting Center, Event Center, and Support Center.

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You may bookmark the below links for direct access to WebEx:

Faculty and Staff Students
(or access via Canvas**)
(or attend meetings via Canvas)

** Note: Faculty and Staff need to activate their WebEx accounts before accessing WebEx through Canvas. Read below for details.

Accessing WebEx

About your WebEx accounts

All UNCG faculty, staff, and students have access to WebEx. Both internal and external users may attend WebEx sessions without needing to log into a WebEx account - login is only required to host (create) sessions.

Account privileges differ between students and faculty/staff. Faculty and staff access to WebEx includes full use of Training Center, Meeting Center, Event Center, and Support Center. Students have access to a limited version of Meeting Center to host smallĀ­scale meetings (limited to 8 participants). For more information on the student WebEx environment, please see the WebEx for Students page.


WebEx access is currently limited to primary UNCG accounts only (secondary accounts are ineligible for WebEx).

Users are eligible for the Faculty/Staff WebEx environment if they meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Classified as "current faculty" at UNCG (through Human Resources)
  • Classified as "current staff" at UNCG (through Human Resources)
  • Listed as an Instructor of Record in one or more courses in the current semester (through University Registrar's Office)

Users are eligible for the Students WebEx environment if they are classified as a "current student" at UNCG.

Account Activation

WebEx accounts are automatically created and activated for each user upon first login. Visit the login URLs above to initiate this process; it will occur seamlessly and invisibly after you pass through UNCG's Single Sign On authentication.

** Faculty and Staff notice: You must complete this process first before using WebEx in Canvas. If your account has not been activated yet, you will receive "No account available" errors in Canvas.

Accessing WebEx through Canvas

If you are using WebEx for synchronous online learning as part of a course at UNCG, it is recommended that you schedule / access meetings from within your Canvas course. For more information on using WebEx with Canvas, please see the Using WebEx in Canvas page.

Accessing WebEx Directly

If you are using WebEx for meetings or other non-course-related uses, you may wish to access your WebEx account directly. The URL depends on what group you belong to:

Faculty and Staff Students
(or access via Canvas)
(or attend meetings via Canvas)

To log into WebEx, you will use your UNCG username and password (same as iSpartan, Canvas, Box, etc.). Persons new to UNCG will need to ensure that they have activated their computing accounts before attempting to log into WebEx. Note: It may take up to 24 hours after activating your computing accounts to be able to activate / access your WebEx account.

The Four WebEx Centers

The WebEx suite consists of four main products: Training Center, Meeting Center, Event Center, and Support Center.

For more information on each, and for assistance deciding which one to use for your particular use case, please see the WebEx Centers page.