Information Technology Services (ITS)

University of North Carolina Greensboro

The Collaboratory for Learning Innovation (CLI) is a partnership among The University Teaching & Learning Commons, UNCG Online, and ITS: Learning Technology. During the 2020-2021 academic school year, the CLI collaborated with the academic instructional technology consultants (ITCs) and campus partners to deliver workshops, contribute to conference proceedings, and provide just-in-time training to faculty to support the shift to remote learning.

Resource & Support Pop-up Sites

To support the University’s shift to online learning and remote-based business operations, UNCG partnerships developed four one-stop-shop websites to support the entire campus community.

Campus service interruptions require us to be flexible while maintaining the same level of quality in our courses. Whether the disruption is the result of inclement weather, a flu outbreak, or a family emergency, we need to carry out instructional, research, and business activities online until we can return to normal campus operations. These websites kept students, faculty, and staff informed with timely updates and best practices during COVID-19’s disruption to in-person learning.

Graphic reflects statistics from,,, and from the 2020 academic year.
All hands on deck! Faculty Training 
235 represents the number of faculty-support workshops during the 2020 academic year.

UNCG partners from across the campus community designed and delivered 235 faculty-support workshops.

Topics covered ranged from Keep Teaching workshops on learning continuity during operational shifts to effective teaching and learning principles using virtual tools. This monumental effort was made possible by an expedited upgrade to the Workshops Calendar on, allowing support for virtual sessions.    


2020 marked the first annual ADAPT conference.

“From Remote to Online Learning”—UNCG’s first annual ADAPT conference in 2020—was a timely and relevant event designed to meet the pressing needs of UNCG faculty during an unprecedented time. The conference focused on using technology for meaningful learning experiences with students during the initial pandemic response. In 2021, faculty were asked to “Reimagine What’s Possible” in the sessions that centered on equity, diversity, and inclusion, and the joy of teaching.  

ADAPT is a partnership among ITS Learning Technology, UNCG Online, University Libraries, the UTLC, and the academic ITCs.
Quality Matters

Faculty members attended sessions and received certifications in applying the Quality Matters Rubric to online courses.

Using the Quality Matters Rubric (a set of defined standards that ensure instructional excellence), Quality Matters (QM) helped instructors and instructional designers examine online courses to facilitate smooth transitions from face-to-face to online instruction.* QM certification was offered as a continuing professional development opportunity under the Procedures for Professional Development and Support for Online Instructors.
*per the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and state-authorization requirements

Additional Efforts

UNCG partners achieved extraordinary new standards in support of the University’s landmark 2020 academic year.

During the 2020 academic year, UNCG partners delivered 367 Ready to Teach certifications and 189 Online Learning Level 1 completions. The ITS Classroom Technology team facilitated lecture capture on campus by implementing 240 standard classrooms with the technology needed to provide a seamless learning experience for both in-person and online students. Asynchronous learning resources were developed to assist in the transition from in-person teaching to online teaching via YouTube.